The prominent Orel State Medical University is located in the western Russian city of Orel, despite being under consideration since the First World War, the Orel State University (OSU). The university is more than 90 years old, having begun as a full-fledged institution in 1931. The University established the Department of Medicine about thirty years ago. Modern laboratory facilities will be available to students for their coursework's practical and research projects. The infrastructure is top-notch, with rooms that have been specially outfitted with the necessary technical aids. Excellent labs can be found in histology, clinical immunology, and biochemistry.

Currently, there are over 100 teachers working at the university's 17 departments, along with 30 professors, 77 associate professors, 12 academicians, 8 Russian Federation-honored physicians, and 11 members of several public academies. To help the students become more familiar with their patients, the institution holds clinical lessons at the Regional Hospital, Children's Regional Hospital, City Emergency Hospital, and Venereal Diseases Hospital.The university is recognised under NMC.

Why Do You Need to Study MBBS in Orel State Medical University?

The following are the reasons on why you need to pursue MBBS in Russia at Orel State Medical University:

  • The University provides a comprehensive six-year English-taught programme, which is the primary prerequisite for NMC to recognise your degree in India for the licencing exam.
  • One of the most affordable universities in Russia for MBBS is Orel State Medical University.
  • The students will have the chance to work on several university platforms that involve them in research programmes, training programmes, and various specialised departments of the institution.
  • There are currently more than 500 Indian students studying in Orel, and as a result of the sizable Indian student population, all Indian festivals are celebrated there.
  • The International Cultural Centre ensures that all students benefit from one another's diverse ethnic perspectives.
  • Universities from more than 55 different nations offer their pupils global exposure.
  • The University has more than 12 speciality hospitals connected to it for the optimum clinical exposure.
  • At Orel State Medical University, preparation for international licencing exams like the USMLE and PLAB is common.

Faculties at Orel State Medical University

The Orel State University has 297 courses or programmes available, and 940 of its faculty members are highly trained. Each year, OSMU releases 4000 applicants as medical graduates. The faculties at Orel State Medical University:

  • General Medicine: More than 3,500 students are enrolled in the General Medicine faculty, making it the largest faculty.
  • Dentistry: Dental surgery, orthodontics, and dental prostheses are among fields of study available within the Dentistry faculty.
  • Paediatrics: The faculty of paediatrics is committed to giving students a thorough understanding of paediatric medical care.
  • Preventive Medicine: The faculty of preventive medicine stresses the need of fostering health and preventing illnesses.
  • Medical Biochemistry: The medical biochemistry department's academic members have extensive knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms at work in the human body.

Orel State Medical University World Ranking

OSMU is a part of ‘the Association of Medical Schools of the Russian Federation’ and is regarded as one of the best medical universities in Russia. Orel State Medical University is ranked 3298th out of around 40,000 universities worldwide in terms of the world ranking. It is recognised as the 117th-ranked university in Russia when compared to other universities. The qualifications at Orel State Medical University come from all over the world.

Duration of Studying MBBS in Orel State Medical University

The duration of the MBBS programme at Orel State University is six years, consisting of five years of coursework and one year of clinical internships at hospitals connected to the university. The period is approximately the same as the MBBS programme in India. Students will experience real-world situations during their studies and have the chance to participate in the university's research programmes.

Orel State Medical University Fee Structure

Fees 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR 2,51,450 RUB/ 2,27,105 INR
Hostel Fees 50,000 RUB/45000 INR 50,000 RUB/45000 INR 50,000 RUB/45000 INR 50,000 RUB/45000 INR 50,000 RUB/45000 INR 50,000 RUB/45000 INR
Documentation & Medical 10,000 RUB/ 9,000 INR 6,500 RUB/ 5,800 INR 6,500 RUB/ 5,800 INR 6,500 RUB/ 5,800 INR 6,500 RUB/ 5,800 INR 6,500 RUB/ 5,800 INR
One Time Charge 2500$(2,00,000INR) NA NA NA NA NA
Total Fees/Year 5,11,540 RUB/4,81,105 INR 3,07,950 RUB/2,77,905 INR 3,07,950 RUB/2,77,905 INR 3,07,950 RUB/2,77,905 INR 3,07,950 RUB/2,77,905 INR 3,07,950 RUB/2,77,905 INR
This above Fees structure consists of Tuition Fee, Health Insurance as well as Miscellaneous Charges.& Total Fee: 20,51,290 RUB/18,70,630 INR

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Orel State Medical University

The following are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Russia in Orel State Medical University:

  • The minimum and maximum ages should be 17 and 25 respectively.
  • Candidates should have passed their 10+2 exams in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.
  • For students in the general category and reserved categories, applicants must have 50% of each.
  • He or she should clear the NEET exam.

How to take Admission in Orel State Medical University?

  • Firstly, you need to apply online on the official website of the university.
  • Fill the online application form and send the scanned copies of the relevant documents.
  • Wait until the application review procedure. The approval process takes roughly 10 to 15 days.
  • An official invitation letter from the institute will be sent to an eligible candidate.
  • After receiving an invitation letter, submit a visa application.

Documents Required

  • Entrance exam admit card
  • NEET score card
  • 10+2 mark sheet
  • ID proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Visa for international students

Hostel or Accommodation Cost in Orel State Medical University

The first thing you should consider while planning to study MBBS in Russia is how long you would be staying. The OSU has a variety of hostel choices. The hostel offers dormitories, triple-sharing, and double sharing options. Every space has central heating. The price of a hostel is determined by the number of people sharing a room and the room's quality. Wi-Fi and broadband connectivity are available in every room. However, there is a fee for them.

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