Kazan Federal University is the second oldest university situated in the Russian Federation. The university was established in the year 1804 along with 213 years of a global center of academic excellence as well as outstanding research in numerous fields of medicine. Currently, Kazan Federal University has been listed under the top 10 institutions of higher education in the world. Kazan Federal University always acts as a bridge between the East and West and through this university, the students can the world of new ideas, culture as well as diversity. This is what Kazan Federal University is famous for.

Kazan Federal University is considered as an imitation of the cultural university for providing deep knowledge as well as constant development. Currently, there are more than 3200 faculty members in the university provides training to the students. Apart from this every year over 47,000 students take admission. They go through more than 470-degree programs on the 17 different institutes, 2 faculties, 3 high schools as well as 4 different branches in the nearby cities at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. The postgraduate level of the university includes 85 doctoral as well as 8 double degree programs along with partner universities.

Current Position of Kazan Federal University

As mentioned above Kazan Federal University is the modern example of a classical university where they specifically focus on the fundamental principles of research as well as education. The best part of Russia’s second-oldest university is that it offers various undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs in English medium language, especially for foreign students. Every year more than 9000 foreign students take admission here from around 90 different countries all across the world. Not only they come here to take admission to MBBS but also they take admission in a wide range of courses. The international outlook of the Kazan Federal University is reflected in exchange as well as research opportunities.

What makes Kazan Federal University different from others?

Kazan Federal University has been offering high-quality education and optimum knowledge in the field of research and analysis for 210 years. Most of its trainers hold doctoral degrees, on the other hand, some of the other trainers hold a great position in the field of scientific research not only within Russia but also in various other parts of the world.
Kazan Federal University has developed high-quality infrastructure that include 17 global competitive research centers of Excellence and 80 teaching and research laboratories. These laboratories are equipped with topmost scientific infrastructure. Each and every year more than 300 faculty members from the various parts of the world visit Kazan Federal University to conduct joint research as well as lecturing session.

Following are its WHO recognized Medical courses:

  • Kazan Federal University is listed in the World Directory of Medical schools as well as MCI.
  • All the programs of Kazan Federal University are recognized all across the world and have received great ranking by the World Health Organization.
  • The university offers MD, also known as Doctor of Medicine after the completion of the MBBS course for 6 years as it is recognized by the Medical Council of India. And its degree is equivalent to MBBS in India.

Kazan University is an acknowledged education center of academic excellence actively participating in international cooperation.

  • It has signed 290 cooperation agreements along with partners from about 64 countries.
  • There are members of 15 International Academic Associations.

The course curriculum at Kazan Federal University
Following are the subjects that are included in the course curriculum of MBBS in Kazan Federal University:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Education and Pedagogic
  • Social Sciences
  • Culture and Art
  • Service Sector
  • Economics and Management
  • Geodesy and Land Utilization
  • Automation and Control
  • Geology, Exploration, and Development of Mineral Resources
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Safety of activities, environmental engineering, and environmental protection

Duration of studying MBBS in Kazan Federal University

The overall time to complete MBBS at Kazan Federal University specifically in Russia s of 6 years that also includes 1 year of apprenticeship as well as 5 years of classroom learning. The duration of MBBS in almost the same as any other university in Russia. Russian medical universities are offering immense opportunities to work during the total course program of 6 years for getting real-time experience exposure.

Intake for Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is listed under the top medical universities in Russia when it comes to the quality of education, practical learning, course fee as well as multi diversity, and many more. This is why it is getting international students all across the world such as the UAE, Nepal, Africa, India, Pakistan, etc. Kazan Federal University is going to open its admission in September with a very limited amount of seats. So join with JD Study Abroad and become a part of the Kazan Federal University.

Fees 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
Tuition Fee 4,93,000 RUB/INR 4,93,000 RUB/INR 4,93,000 RUB/INR 4,93,000 RUB/INR 4,93,000 RUB/INR 4,93,000 RUB/INR
Hostel Fees 14,000 RUB/INR 14,000 RUB/INR 14,000 RUB/INR 14,000 RUB/INR 14,000 RUB/INR 14,000 RUB/INR
Visa Ext Insurance Vaccine 10,000 RUB/INR 10,000 RUB/INR 10,000 RUB/INR 10,000 RUB/INR 10,000 RUB/INR 10,000 RUB/INR
One Time Charge 2500$(2,00,000INR) NA NA NA NA NA
Total Fees/Year 7,17,000 RUB/INR 5,17,000 RUB/INR 5,17,000 RUB/INR 5,17,000 RUB/INR 5,17,000 RUB/INR 5,17,000 RUB/INR

What are the documents that are needed to submit for MBBS at Kazan Federal University?

  • 10th as well as 12th mark sheets
  • Migration Certificate
  • 6 passport size photographs in matte finish paper
  • Transfer certificate
  • Passport
  • Medical Insurance as well as HIV reports conducted by a recognized hospital
  • Eligibility certificate provided by the Medical Council of India or NEET not passed in 2019.

What is the admission procedure for Kazan Federal University?
The following steps will show you the detailed admission procedure for Kazan Federal University. All these steps are super easy to follow:

Step 1: Apply Online

Once you go through the details of the MBBS at Kazan Federal University, you need to choose the specific course that you want to enroll. You can fill the details of yours and send your documents to JD Study Abroad through email.

Following is the list of the documents are required while getting enrolled in the Kazan Federal University:

  • Copy of mark sheet of Std 10
  • Copy of mark sheet of Std 11
  • Copy of mark sheet of Std 12
  • Copy of School leaving certificate
  • Copy of your Passport
Step 2: Get the invitation letter

After you have sent us the documents, you will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of your application. If the application of a student is being accepted then he or she will be notified within 1 to 2 working days. Not only this but he or she will also be provided the admission confirmation within the same time frame.

Step 3: Pay Enrolment Expenses

Once you have received the confirmation from the Kazan Federal University, you can proceed for the next step that is to pay your admission fee through net banking or any other payment methods.

Step 4: Apply For The Visa

After getting the invitation letter from the university, you have to immediately apply for the visa because the visa process is very time taking.

Documents needed for the Visa

Following are the documents that are needed to be submitted while applying for Visa:

  • Invitation letter provided by the university
  • International passport having a minimum of 2 years of validity
  • High school certificates should be duly attested
  • Medical certificates to confirm that the student is fit and does not possess HIV/Aids or any other STDs.
Step 5: Arrival in Russia

The student should pay the fees for the first year in advance before even arriving at Russia. Apart from this, they need to send us the flight details which will help our executive to receive them after the arrival. If a student does not inform us then he or she could be deported back to the home country by the immigration authorities.

Step 6: Commencement of Classes

The student should bring his or her original documents as well as payment receipts of the first year. Also, it is mandatory for the student to register himself or herself at the university 3 days prior to the arrival. After the complete registration as well as the admission process, the university authorities will allow them to attend the classes. You have to ensure that you follow these things as per the deadline. Once you get admission at Kazan Federal University, you can depart from your home country in the 1st week of September itself.

Hostel facilities at Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is one of the biggest educational institutions in Russia which has a huge housing and accommodation facility. The university has currently 26 dormitories and the student can choose the rooms as per their preference. They also have an option to choose live on-campus or off-campus. All the rooms are extremely convenient and well equipped with the future.

So these are the important things that you need to know before taking admission at Kazan Federal University. JD Study Abroad will always be there to guide you with the right information to make your career in medicine brighter. Feel free to get in touch with us for admission related queries.

Service Charges

Processing Fees
Registration Charges 10000 INR
Consultation Charges 40000 INR
Documents Charges 50000 INR
Total Amount 100000 INR
Our Service Charge Includes:
  • Complete admission process (admission letter)
  • Documentation (Apostle, Notarization, Documents Translation)
  • Equivalency Certificate
  • Visa (Visa Invitation letter, Visa Processing)
  • Airport Pick & Drop
  • Sim Card
  • Digital copy of Medical Bokks and Study material
  • MCI/USMLE Guidance
  • PG Guidance
  • 6 year On-Campus Support
Schedule of Payment

10000 : At the time of Registration

50000 : At the time of Receiving Admission Letter

40000 : At the time of Receiving Visa Invitation

40000 : While receiving documents after Visa.

GST Tax Extra

Condition Apply : All Payments are 100% Non-Refundable

  • No Extar Hideen Charges
  • No Donation !
  • Air Tickets as Applicable