In 2001, the Georgian National University SEU was founded. Georgia's capital city of Tbilisi has it on Tsinandali Street. This university has been providing medical education to international medical aspirants for the previous few decades. This university has used cutting-edge methods and strategies for imparting medical education. The WHO (World Health Organisation), NMC (National Medical Council), and other esteemed institutions have authorised SEU Georgian National University. It is a university that offers a medical degree that is recognised all over the world. For the sixth year, the SEU Georgian National University provides a reasonably priced medical education. Every year, a huge number of students apply to study MBBS at this university. 10,000+ students were studying medicine here at the time. One of Georgia's top universities is SEU Georgian National University. Candidates must fulfil the requirements for admission to SEU Georgian National University. After graduating from the MBBS in Russia programme, they can also practise in India.

Why do students prefer to study MBBS at SEU Georgian National University?

The largest privately run university in Georgia is SEU Georgian National University, usually referred to as SEU. It is also a rapidly growing university that attracts numerous applications from students around the world. SEU University strives to offer a top-notch educational infrastructure and environment that will enable students to achieve. Numerous intriguing aspects about this college draw medical students from throughout the world. The following are the key reasons on why students prefer studying MBBS in Russia at Georgian National University:

Renowned University

One of Georgia's and the world's most well-known universities is now SEU Georgian National University. This university attracts a huge number of students each year. It holds the nation's attractive ranking.

Admission Process

All applicants must meet the university's prerequisites in order to study MBBS at this institution. The admissions process is quite simple for international medical students with limited documents.

Quality Education

The best education possible has been the university's major priority. The university boasts cutting-edge equipment to provide top-notch education. In addition, there are many knowledgeable professors who strive to impart the best practical knowledge, which will help you improve your medical skills.

Course Fee

For international medical aspirants, SEU Georgian National University's medical programmes are extremely affordable. The annual cost for interested students to attend this university is about USD 5,500. This quantity is easily handled by students.

Recognized By

SEU Georgia National University, often known as SEU, is approved on a global scale and is recognised by several organisations. The WHO (World Health Organisation), the NMC (National Medical Council), and numerous other medical organisations have all given their approval to this university.

SEU Georgian National University Ranking

The SEU Georgian National University received an outstanding ranking both nationally and internationally. The majority of students base their university choice on rankings. This generates a powerful attraction.

The 4ICU announces the SEU Georgian National University Ranking. This institution is currently ranked 13th in the nation. Candidates may choose this university as their ideal setting for their MBBS studies.

Fee Structure of SEU Georgian National University

Earlier, it was a little challenging to afford the study abroad fees. For average students, MBBS in Russia tuition is substantially more cheap. The cost of attending Georgia National University is quite reasonable for international students.

Students can choose SEU Georgian National University as their top college if they wish to study MBBS at a reasonable cost.


CoursesSEU, Georgian National University, provides international students with a selection of medical courses. Six years will be needed to finish it. The university offers the courses that are listed below, some of which are in high demand.

  • Surgery
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatric
  • Postgraduate courses
  • MBBS/ MD
  • Nursing
  • Pedagogy course

Eligibility Criteria To Take Admission to SEU Georgian National University

Candidates who want to attend this university should review its admission requirements and enrollment procedures. Regarding the requirements for entrance, we are offering thorough information. This admissions procedure would undoubtedly assist in receiving admission to this university to pursue an MBBS degree.

  • An applicant should qualify for NEET to take admission here.
  • Before or on the date of admission, the candidate must be at least 17 years old and not older than 25.
  • The candidate must have completed high school or have an equivalent college degree with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects.
  • The candidates must score well on the TOEFL and IELTS exams.

How to Take Admission to SEU Georgian National University

The following are the steps to take admission in SEU Georgian National University:

  • Complete the online application form and upload all necessary paperwork.
  • After the university has examined the applications, the applicants must deposit the funds into the school's bank account.
  • The Georgia Ministry of Education and Science offers an accreditation letter to the applicants when it has been completed within 30 days. As a result, the university obtains a ministry directive and also sends a letter of invitation to the students.
  • After the completion of the aforementioned steps, the approval of the visa takes close to 30 days.
  • The day and date of departure are arranged and confirmed after the fee has been paid.
Documents Needed
  • 10th mark sheet
  • 12th mark sheet
  • NEET scorecard
  • Original passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Medical fitness report
  • COVID 19 report
  • HIV/ AIDS report

Hostel and Lodging Facilities of SEU Georgian National University

The majority of students who study MBBS at SEU Georgian National University do so from all over the world. For international students, it offers the best housing options with all the necessities. The institution offers completely furnished and well-equipped rooms. Along with education, the institution offers a variety of extracurricular activities like sports, a gym, healthy dining options, etc.

  • Lab
  • Reading hall
  • AC room
  • Auditorium
  • Gyms
  • High security
  • Library